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That VideoGame Blog » Apple talks smack to Nintendo and Sony
That VideoGame Blog » Apple talks smack to Nintendo and Sony

I was searching around online to see if I could find the location of that 1933 first building of Nintendo, however I was not successful until it occured to me to use Google Maps and search for YAMAUCHI NINTENDO!! and it worked! ...

Initially, sources told EGM magazine that Nintendo and Microsoft were unable to reach an agreement when financial terms were being discussed. Then Rare spoke up and said that liscensing issues prevented the game#s re-release. ...

Nintendojo has reported that Nintendo, in a conference call with retailers, confirmed that the Wii#s price will be cut to $199, effective Sunday, Sept. 27. Nintendojo says one of its staffers was on the line during this call.

18, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs for the Nintendo Wii lets gamers play as Flint while they try to save the planet with a variety of outrageously funny gadgets. Run, jump, climb, slice, dice, melt and puzzle-solve your way through ...

Art Academy Nintendo DSi - For those of you who want to take up drawing or painting and already down a Nintendo DSi, you could always pick up the Art Academy: First Semester from the DSi Shop. The program will give you the basic...

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